The Early Years Foundation Stage

Preschool education at British Campus Algeria is the Early Years Foundation programme for children aged four to five years.
Our school provides a caring environment that promotes a happy and confident start to school life.
All children are entitled to a rich curriculum, both indoors and outdoors, designed to meet different needs and abilities of a diverse international community of young learners. 

Learning through fun, creative and play-based curriculum, each child is challenged and supported to reach his/her individual potential. 

The Early Years curriculum focuses on seven areas of learning.

3 Prime areas:

• Communication and Language
• Physical Development
• Personal, social and emotional development 

4 Specific areas: 

• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the World
• Expressive Arts and Design 

In this stage we link home and school through a learning partnership which will carry the children through their Early Years education into Primary and onwards.
We encourage all children to explore their learning environment while being surrounded by examples of positive relationships.
Learning inside and outdoors builds early independence, problem solving and confidence.
The children's school daily routine draws from each area of the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' curriculum.

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