BCA accepts students of all nationalities aged 4 to 18. The school offers an international British curriculum with the English language being the medium of teaching and learning. All applicants to the school are expected to either have or be willing to acquire a good command of the English language. Young children joining our preschool will have the opportunity to develop their language skills as part of their normal development and they are not necessarily expected to be proficient in the English language when they first join the school.

Students transferring from other schools are welcome and their suitability for a place at BCA will be considered based on reference to recent reports/transcripts from their current and previous schools.

We understand that students transferring from other schools to BCA may require specific or additional support to make a successful transition from one education system or model to another. These students will receive assistance from our teachers to ensure they integrate successfully in BCA school life.

Admission to the school (subject to entry requirements related to specific years) and applications are accepted for entry throughout the school year. 

registration fees 2024-2025


The assessment process comprises two stages. In the first stage the Admissions Officer will review the completed application and then contact parents if any further information is required (e.g. school reports or transcripts). If the application is successful, it will progress to the second stage where the applicant will be invited to the school for an interview. We expect the parents to accompany the children who are attending interviews. If successful, the school will make an offer of a place.

BCA entry assessment covers English Language and mathematics. In some cases no further assessment will be required depending on a successful interview and supporting documents provided with the application for a place at the school.

Once the school makes an offer for a place which meets with the parents’ approval, a non- refundable deposit becomes due to hold the place. The deposit is credited against the agreed tuition fees.

Age Regulations

In accordance with British guidelines, BCA uses the student’s age by the cut-off date 31st August and the last year completed to place students. The students are always assessed to ensure they are ready to join the appropriate year and the last year completed always takes priority over the age of the student.
In the case of an application for a student to join the school when the age does not meet entry requirements for a specific year due to various reasons, the school will agree all arrangements and conditions with the parents. The school does not encourage such practice, but flexibility is sometimes required to cater for special cases. 

Some instances when students may not be placed in their age-appropriate year include:

a) When it may be in the best interest of the student to be in a year group below or above age expectations. This will be discussed and agreed with parents.
b) The student’s successful completion of an equivalent year in a similar school
c) Evidence of exceptional academic performance and social skills (e.g. school transcript or report from another school)

Nursery through to Primary School

Age RangeNurseryReceptionY1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6
Min Age345678910
Max Age4567891011

Secondary School

Age RangeY7Y8Y9Y10Y11Y12Y13
Min Age11121314151617
Max Age12131415161718
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